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I keep runnin' I keep runnin' !
Runship Records, LLC At the core, RunShip Records, LLC is a record label devoted to consistently releasing quality music and offering a rare listening experience with an ultimately positive message. We choose to focus on real life, encouraging fans to work through their struggles, aiming to uplift through music one listener at a time. RunOn uses his life for inspiration with his topics relatable and relevant in an attempt to create maximum positive impact on the world through the creation of music.

About RunOn Music 🏃

🎤 Meet RunOn : A lyrical rap artist representing Erie, Pennsylvania ! He's not your typical artist; instead, he's a gifted storyteller who shares his personal struggles with mental health and manic depression through his music, inspiring and empowering others. 🎶 The Music of Hope: RunOn's music isn't just catchy; it's a journey of healing and resilience. With heartfelt lyrics and uplifting vibes, he brings comfort and hope to the world of hip-hop. 🌌 The Healing Power of Music: RunOn's mission is clear: he wants to provide consistent musical therapy to the world. His songs are filled with skillfully crafted lyrics that drive personal growth, urging you to harness your challenging moments as motivation for self-improvement ! 💪 A Voice for Change: RunOn doesn't just talk about his experiences; he embodies the potential for self-mastery and personal transformation. He shows that our struggles don't define us; it's how we overcome them that truly matters. In a world marked by suffering, RunOn champions openness and healing through music. 🎤 Join the Movement: Connect with RunOn, explore his world of uplifting hip-hop therapy, and be join a community that recognizes that sometimes, healing follows the beat of the heart. RunOn's music isn't just a melody; it's a message of resilience and a testament to the enduring human spirit. Join him on this inspiring journey through the power of M U S I C ! 🎶
RunShip Records, LLC
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